Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The guys were all waiting for Chris when he walked to their usual table ion the corner with a couple slices, some blue cheese and a large chocolate shake. "So," says Chad the lead guitarist and Chris' oldest friend "what are we doing Friday night? I heard there is going to be a party over on 6th and Hill." They had good weed there last year from what I heard. One of the guys that lives there is a Hort. major." "Chad all of the Horticulture majors grow weed." Said Brian as he crunched on the ice at the bottom of his empty glass. "yeah, but it's good weed, Brian, not that seedy crap you buy." Brian threw his dirty napkin at Chad, missing,' thank God he is a drummer, not a baseball player', Chris though to himself as he finished eating. The guys talked more about their plans for the weekend and about the flyers for their next show in a few weeks. They were friends with a couple guys in the art department and they did all the flyer design for the band as long as they got into the shows for free. The guys didn't mind because it saved them the headache of making the flyers themselves and the flyers were really good, alot better than any of the other bands on campus, it got them a bigger audience and they stayed for the musical talent Agony Revisited had. Late Chris lay in bed listening to Tool on his headphones waiting to fall asleep. He had smoked a bowl a while ago so it wouldn't take long to fall asleep. When Chris did fall asleep he saw the face of  that pretty girl with the chocolate colored hair.

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