Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The next day Chris woke up late, haunted by images of that girl he had seen yesterday. He saw her laughing and smiling at him, most of the night. "what the hell, " he thought. Chris never got hung up on chicks. He had one serious girlfriend in high school, but Kelly moved away to go to Davenport College in California. The end was very nasty, Kelly wanted Chris to go to Davenport with her and of course Chris refused because he didn't want to leave the band behind. Kelly was crushed, they had been together for over 3 years, she had put up with a lot of grief because of Chris's dreams to make it big as an artist. She had spent alot of nights alone as Chris was playing gigs  in other towns, and of course she worried about Chris hooking up with other girls, Kelly wasn't ignorant to how the game was played; the whole sex, drugs, and rock and roll thing, but she had hoped that Chris would grow out of his 'Peter Pan Syndrome' as she called it and that they would get married someday and have kids; the whole deal. It's not like Kelly didn't have opportunities to date other guys and now at the end of all this she felt like she had wasted her time with Chris, she loved him. IT didn't end well at all for Either of them. So. Chris decided not to get involved too deeply with any one else. A one nighter or maybe a hot weekend, that was it. Not that he ment to hurt anyone, besides alot of the girls only wanted a fling anyway. They didn't want some possessive guy tying them down, they were in college, enjoying being away from Daddy and getting laid just like most of the guys on campus were. Chris thought about what to do about his mystery girl. Should he avoid her altogether or hook up with her and get her out of his system? No, he wouldn't hook up with her, she didn't seem the type for that. she seemed to have class and the way she was dressed she came from a good family, so she deserved more than that from him. "okay, fine, friends only," Chris mumbled to himself that that scenario would probably be harder than he thought. He would find out how hard that would be alot sooner than  he thought he would because as soon as he entered the coffee shop around the corner from the music building she was there with a couple of girls. He almost walked right into them. The coffee shop was crowded as usual for this time of morning. The girls turned around when they felt the cold  draft of the opening and shutting door hit their backs. She looked right at Chris and smiled until her friend handed her her coffee cup and they wandered away from the cash register area to look, hopefully, for an empty table. Chris was running late already, even more so now so he quickly ordered his tall black with 3 sugars and left, wishing he could linger and find the girl with the awesome smile instead of rushing off to class in the drizzle, the nice weather of the other day was now just a memory, as was the smile his mystery girl flashed at him.

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