Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Silent Love Song:Chapter 1

The day was warm for September in Western New York. There was a false hope that the warm weather would hold longer than reality would allow. Even the bees were being lazy, buzzing around the brown apples under the apple trees of an orchard long forgotten. Students lounged against some of these trees, reading texts or for their own pleasure. Others listened to music as they enjoyed the unseasonably warm sunshine.
Chris walked towards the old brick buildings of Montgomery University campus. He nodded at a few students that were dressed like himself in old Iron Maiden and Metalicca tee shirts and torn jeans. Chris walked towards a group of girls that were clustered together looking at campus maps and class schedules. "Freshmen" Chris thought to himself and continued to walk by until one girl caught his eye. She seemed to be paying very close attention to the others and made eye contact with each one as she spoke, not like the others who flitted around like little birds. "She's hot," Chris thought to himself "and not an airhead like the others". He looked at her with out seeming like a stalker. She was well dressed, which he liked, he was sick of seeing girls in sweats and pajamas all the time. She had long shiny dark brown hair, like the color of chocolate and a sweet face with out a lot of makeup. Chris liked that as well. Most of the girls he knew wore dark liner around their eyes and red stained lips. The girl laughed and looked up, catching Chris's eye for a split second, she smiled and looked away from Chris and to one of her companions. Chris continued walking to his class, Jazz Composition. Chris was a Sophomore, majoring in music. He played bass in a band called Agony Revisited. As the instructor rattled on about the greats of jazz. Chris's mind wandered back to that girl he had seen. She was nothing like his usual type, so it bothered him that he couldn't stop thinking about her, but maybe he needed a new type. "Try something new, Chris" he smiled to himself as he gathered his notes at the end of class. He needed to get some more sheet music soon, he thought as he left the classroom, glad it was his last class of the day. He was meeting his band mates for pizza and wings at "The Pad" a pizza joint on campus. The food was hot and cheap. They had comfortable couches to lounge on and really good coffee. They also had an internet cafe. Many students lingered there for hours drinking way too much coffee as they enjoyed the quiet, away from crowded dorm rooms and noisy roommates.

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